Project Management
Circuit Design


Generator & Tank Monitoring

Tank Watchdog NG Details – The System in Detail


Tank Watchdog Multi-Tank Monitor Board

Monitor Board – Allows viewing tank Levels, Backlit LCD displays Tank type     and  percent full (%).  Allows viewing of up to 7 different tanks and one battery (Using Scroll buttons).


Phone with App

Phone Application (App)



Powerful Ultrasonic Level Sensing  Technology

Many have said that they tried Ultrasonic sensors and they don’t work; These sensor are extremely accurate and reliable and have been proven over years in the most expensive bus Conversion in the USA. They are expensive to build and are a large part of the cost of our system.


Temperature compensated Ultrasonic level sensor (2 or 3) per kit


Ethernet Enabled System


Central Processing Unit (CPU)


Tank Watchdog NG Advanced CPU


Crestron and AMX Ready



 Order the most reliable and feature rich Tank Monitoring System

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